The Big Darby Creek Watershed

The Big Darby Creek Watershed is one of the last refuges supporting the native animal and plant diversity that was once commonly found in many midwestern rivers. The Big Darby Creek winds and turns over more than 80 miles from its headwaters northwest of Marysville, Ohio to its confluence with the Scioto River at Circleville, Ohio.

The Big Darby Creek drains a 580 square mile watershed dominated by intensive row crop agriculture with small amounts of forest and residential communities. The watershed includes all or parts of 6 counties and numerous townships. Big Darby Creek is nationally significant and also is of local importance for recreation and other practical needs.

The Big Darby Creek is regionally and nationally significant because of its ecological and scenic qualities. It is known for its diversity of fish (over 100 species recorded) and mussels (about 40 recorded) and has been declared a State and National Scenic River..

More information on the Big Darby Creek Watershed region can be found by downloading the The Darby Book. Available themes and associated metadata for the Big Darby Creek Watershed can be found by clicking on the "Available Themes" link below.

This site allows you to access different spatial data themes of the Big Darby Creek Watershed in Ohio, and also allows you to download and import the themes in a compatible format for your geographic information system (GIS) software.

This site is funded through a grant from The Nature Conservancy and was created and is maintained by Steven I. Gordon and his research team at City and Regional Planning Program, School of Architecture at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

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Big Darby Creek Watershed Atlas of Map Examples

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Big Darby Creek Watershed Available Themes

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